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I won't tag a specific 10 but if you want to participate then just tag me on the tagged by so I get to see the answers. :D

Tagged by :iconhonorgurdsman144:

1. Favorite movie(s): Lost In Translation, Star Wars (all of them), Indiana Jones (all of them).

2. Least favorite movie: *shrugs*
3.what kind of pets do you like: Honestly not a pet person but I tolerate cats the most. We have 1 dog and 4 cats as a family.
4. Do you like lined or drawing paper more: Drawing paper for sure, even for writing I like no lines.
5. Do you like sports: Love them! I hardly get to play any anymore though.. no one to play them with. I especially like Baseball and Basketball. Watching them? Not as much. I'd rather be playing.
6. Favorite holiday: Halloween/Samhain
7. Do you prefer day or night: Night
8. Favorite season: Autumn
9 favorite band/music artist: Nightwish, Epica, Type-O-Negative
10. Give up easy?: Only if I know I've done my best and it is a waste of time or energy to continue.
11. Favorite YouTuber: I don't really watch YouTube
12: favorite music genres: Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal/Rock, New Age, Celtic, World.
13. Like chatting with friends: Absolutely and I'm always happy to make more friends!
14. Favorite game(s): Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, and Skyrim (and the Elder Scrolls in general).
15. Favorite food: Indian food, and Sushi.
16. Favorite color: I love all colors! They each have different meanings and energies to me.
17. Favorite song: Too difficult to choose one.
18. Where do you wish you were right now? I want to go to Ireland.
19. Birthstone: Topaz
20. Do you like your friend's art: Yes!!
Been seeing a lot of these and I always find them interesting reads so I decided to do one for me. So, ask me anything at all about me and I will answer. Should be fun, hopefully there are some questions. Lol.
.. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes yesterday! :) I had a really great day, and your kind comments made it that much better. I hope everyone here had a great day yesterday too.
  • Watching: Good Morning America
  • Playing: Pokemon Moon (today)
  • Drinking: Coffee
Hey everyone! Sorry it's been ages and that I haven't drawn anything in quite a while. It's been a rough year for me so I haven't been around much.

I've been working on a special project the past couple of evenings and if all goes well I'll be posting a new submission you might like in a couple days or so (hopefully even sooner). So stay tuned and check back.

- Brent